- How do you make the trackwalks?

Basically out of hundreds of screenshots. Every location consists out of 20 4k (3840x2160) images that I merge together with PTGui.

After that I use krpano to make the 360° tour and link the hotspots together.

- How long does it take you to make a trackwalk?

That depends on the lenght and the features of the track. Boiled down to one location you can say it takes me around 20 minutes.

- Can you make the trackwalks with a higher resolution?

It already takes me 12 minutes for one location to get the images and double the resolution takes four times the time I don't see that in the near future happening.

- When does the next track come?

Who knows... If you have a track request, you can contact me.

- I want to help. / Do you need help?

Thanks but at the moment I don't really need help.

- Shut up and take my money!

Ok... here is my PayPal donation link :P